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Singlespot harvests a full range of data directly from millions of smartphones. This makes it possible to maximize the number of collected data and their accuracy, while respecting the private lives of the users. The main objective is to obtain the highest possible accuracy, so we do not extrapolate with any other data sources. We take the privacy protection of mobile users whose data we collect very seriously. In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR , Singlespot has set up an informed consent process to provide users with all the information regarding our collection procedures and the use we make of the data.

Therefore, Singlespot collects clear and reliable consent from each user whose data it collects.

Ciblage géographique : l’optimisation régionale des contenus Web

Physical shops are not dead! The quality and accuracy of our data allows us to target prospects based on the places they have recently visited. As such, we expose a relevant audience for our clients and measure, for each targeted person, whether they go to the store post-campaign.

Demand a measurable investment! For each campaign we select a separate control panel of prospects who match the same targeting criteria as the targets but who are not exposed to the campaign. Therefore we measure the number of incremental visits that are generated by comparing the measured visits from the exposed and the unexposed people. Carte de ville circulaire avec épingle rouge, illustration vectorielle en conception à plat sur fond bleu. Set of twenty five 3d geolocation icons on transparent background. Flags of Africa countries in the form of geolocation signs.

Épingles de géo rouge. Panneaux rouges de géolocalisation. Géolocat et panneau de navigation. Pack d'icônes de géolocalisation. Ensemble de panneaux de géolocalisation dans un style différent pour votre conception de site web, logo, application, interface utilisateur. Illustration vectorielle EPS Signes de géolocalisation 3D de vingt-cinq pays asiatiques avec inscriptions.

Ensemble de vingt-cinq icônes de géolocalisation 3d sur fond transparent. Drapeaux des pays d'Asie sous forme de panneaux de géolocalisation.

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Geolocalization vector icon isolated on transparent background, Geolocalization logo concept. Geolocation icon pack. Set of Geolocation signs in different style for your web site design, logo, app, UI.

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Vector illustration EPS Map pointer 3d pin. Pointer red pin marker for travel place. Location symbols vector set isolated on white background. Icône pointillée sur carte en style fin de ligne isolée sur fond gris. Symbole du pointeur de la marque de géolocalisation pour la conception, l'interface utilisateur, l'application ou le logo de votre site Web.

Trace modifiable. Illustration vectorielle épingle, eps Icône du pointeur de carte. Symbole de localisation GPS. Design plat. Noir sur fond blanc Illustration Vectorielle.

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Flags of all Asian countries - alphabetical order with name. Set of geolocation signs like flags of Asian countries. Forty Eight Asian Countries.

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Geolocation signs for your web site design, logo. Geolocation of users on the world map. Planet Earth. Orange markers with user icons. Map of points. Global network. The world population. Yellow glow. Vector illustration. Icône vectorielle de géolocalisation rouge sur fond blanc. Flags of Asia countries in the form of geolocation signs. Concept de navigation avec illustration vectorielle pointeur de pin. Cartographie, épinglage, découverte, géolocalisation touristique. Bannière du système de navigation GPS. Épingle d'emplacement sur la carte de la ville en perspective.

Carte de ville en papier plié avec une épingle rouge, illustration vectorielle en conception à plat sur fond bleu.

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Cartes et jeu d'icônes d'emplacement. EPS Blue vector geolocation sign with a globe. Geotag or location pin logo icon design. Black flying plane and mark of geolocation on white background. Splash screen for mobile application. Tourist service and transfer. Booking and sale of air tickets. On-line tracking. Street cozy restaurant with cherry chairs with red geotag or map pin. Le meilleur emplacement pour la restauration rapide. Pointez sur la carte avec le bâtiment, illustration vectorielle.

Female hands holding smartphone with mobile gps navigation and city map with geolocation signs on the screen. A woman orders a taxi or wants to rent a car Vector flat cartoon illustration. Delivery app isometric illustration. Track service. Truck shipping. Global online navigation. Delivery tracking infographic. Smartphone app, web, banner design.

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  • Isolated vector. Smartphone avec carte et géolocalisation. Image de rendu 3d avec chemin de détourage. Geolocation phone vector icon.

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    Geolocation phone to search icon. Geolocation phone for Internet icon. Geolocation phone flat design icon.

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